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Shipping from the UK to France

Shipping to our nearest neighbour on the soil of Continental Europe – France, requires:

  • the right connections

  • finding a good shipping partner

By working with both smaller local postage companies and global postage giants we are able to find least pricey and quickest ways to deliver a parcel from a place in the UK to France very efficiently. We use eco-friendly transport as much as possible in order not only to provide a solid range of postage services, but to also helping the environment.

France has a few regulations that you should obey in order to avoid any confrontation with the legal operatives. Along with the basic restrictions on drugs, live animals and basic things, here is a quick list of items that are either forbidden or regulated that you cannot import:

  • Weapons, ammunition – have to be declared and sent with a special permit from a consulate, the Army or other legal institution, but that is highly unlikely in the private sector.

  • Viagra and vitamins

  • More than 1kg of meat or 2kg of animal-origin products

  • Bees, honey and wax – without a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture.

  • Tobacco with the intent to sell it

  • Inorganic chemicals

Before you ship a packet from the United Kingdom to France, make sure that you are not sending anything on this list. If you are worried that your packet might consist something banned or restricted – contact our team, we will find it out for you!

Regarding UK originated parcels, remember that there only occasional strict custom check-ups of the parcels. Thanks to the EU, your shipment from the UK to France will not get charged with an import fee and you will also save time. Parcelabc would like to add that you can also choose the best way to ship your package on our website. Fill in the quote to get suggestions for carriers and compare the prices to France and other details.

Upon arrival, shipments might be inspected by officers, because the UK is not a part of the Schengen area, but as mentioned before that’s rare. Hold-ups are minimal and your packet is bound to be delivered in France on time.

Parcelabc kindly asks you to avoid sending something with intent of hiding a commercial purpose or weapons/dangerous propaganda type materials. France has one of the highest freedom-of-speech ratings in the world, but heavy propaganda showing Nazi or Communist symbols in a glorifying or positively portraying way could get you fined. Consult with our team before sending something that might cause inconveniences and discontent between the recipients.

Once the package gets on to French soil, carriers are going to keep handling your parcel until the very end. Shipping from the UK to France requires your decisions in order to become cheap and quick. Parcelabc takes pride in giving the customer abilities and choices to determine the best way to get deliveries in France.

  1. Fill in the quote

  2. Select from the options

  3. Schedule a pick-up

  4. Wait for the delivery

  5. Enjoy!

If you are looking for someone to get your parcel from the United Kingdom over to France, Parcelabc is the go-to service provider in this field. We offer:

  • uncompromised quality

  • rapid responses

  • client-oriented service

  • fair prices

all of this, with the availability of choice for the shipping companies and methods.